Four Careers Where First Aid Training May Bolster Your Resume

first aid course gives students the ability to perform first aid on people in a variety of situations. You may want to take this course just so you can be prepared if emergency strikes, but you may also want to use this course to bolster your resume.

Here is a look at a few fields where first aid training can be an asset.

School Crossing Supervisor

People in this position and similar ones help students get across the road safely into school. However, what if something bad happens? What if a vehicle barrels into the students? In that case, there will be a delay between the moment of the accident and when the emergency professionals arrive.

If you have first aid training, you can jump right in and start taking care of the accident victims. That could save lives, and as a result, you may look more appealing to potential employers if you have this training on your resume.

Childcare Provider

If you are working with children in almost any setting, you may also want to bolster your resume with a first aid course. Even in a safe, controlled environment, children may get hurt or find a way to get something small lodged in their throat. If you have the skills to respond in these situations, you make the children safer and ultimately improve the overall vibe of the childcare facility.

Theatre Usher

First aid may not be the first skill that pops to mind when you think about being a theatre usher, but it could help. If someone at the theatre has a stroke, suffers a heart attack or chokes on a ice cube during intermission, what happens if there is not a doctor in the house? Hopefully, at that point you can move forward and assist that individual with your first aid skills.

By extension, first aid training can be a useful attribute for anyone who plans to work around crowds of people, and that can include everything from concession stand workers at sporting events to ministers at churches.

Homeless Shelter Coordinators

If you are trying to get a paying job at a homeless shelter or a similar type of institution, you may also want to include first aid training on your resume. Whether you are dealing with people who have hypothermia, severe sunburns, detox symptoms, or similar issues, your first aid training can guide you in the right direction. When the hiring manager sees that experience, he or she may be more likely to extend you an offer.